about aubry:
i am a 20-something-year-old living the dream.  i am married to my awesome man, justin.  we have been married for four years.  we have the sweetest baby boy, stockton vance.  my life is fairly blissful.  six is my lucky number.  i am the older "kid" in my family.  i love my car {thats an understatement}.  i day dream about different projects all day long.  my birthday is in november.  green is my favorite color.  i like soccer.  i will own a beautiful home one day.  baby boy is my world.  fall is my all time favorite season.  i sleep with my own soft blanket every night.  i love concerts.  i hate plays.  my eyes are blue.  i enjoy camping.  i like to think im artsy.  my hips and shoulders are double jointed, weird? yes.  i have a great family and fun friends.  i am blessed.  i am aubry and i grew up on lakewood street. 
about amanda: food is my world.  my favorite and most time consuming hobby and joy.  i love music...especially as im creating delicious food masterpieces.  my shopping locations of choice are thrift stores.  i am allergic to not going to disneyland and the beach at least once a yeat.  currently enrolled in a math class at mcc.  went to eac for 2 years.  i love my friends.  certainly love my family.  occasionally enjoy diving into a good book. hate being cold.  love playing soccer, excercising, and learning all about the world of nutrition and health.  and more than anything, i am a true baker at heart.  sending the rest of my life in a kitchen sounds quite ideal to me.  im sure i would never get sick of it.  i grew up on lakewood street.