Jumbo Blueberry Muffins

Sometimes I get so caught up in trying to brainstorm what new kinds of recipes I can put up on the blog, I forget the simple and delicious ones that we all enjoy - like blueberry muffins.

After being given a JUMBO muffin pan with liners to fill them with this past week, I couldn't wait to use it!! So I called up my cousin Alicia who is a blueberry muffin connoisseur and asked her for some of her favorite recipes. They turned out just fantastic. They were moist, contained only basic ingredients, and looked and tasted great. Thanks Alicia!

Also, thank you 10,000 fold to the individual who gave me the pan and liners.. You know who you are, and it meant so much to me :)

1 1/2 c. Wheat Flour
2 c. Flour
5 tsp. Baking Powder
2 Eggs (beaten before incorporated)
1 c. Milk
2/3 c. Oil (Veg, Canola, Olive, OR use applesauce)
1 c. Honey
2 c. Blueberries

Mix wet & dry ingredients separately and then combine.
Oven @ 375 for 25-30 minutes

*Muffins are ready when they start to appear golden on the top and around the edges.

Also, don't forget that this recipe is meant for muffins that are baked in JUMBO pans!
If you are baking regular sized or mini muffins, increase heat to 400• and decrease bake times.


Cake Batter Rice Krispie Treats

Sometimes, I feel like eating an entire pan of rice krispie treats.

Other times, I feel like eating just straight up cake batter.

But more often than not, I feel like eating them both at the same time because I can. And because I am a chubbs. And because we live in America, and it is our RIGHT.

They are gooood..

1 Stick of Butter
1 - 16 oz. Bag of Marshmallows
1 c. Cake Mix (I used Funfetti)
Sprinkles (Preferably ones where the colors won't 'run' when added)
8 c. Rice Krispies

Melt butter over medium/low heat in a large pot. Add marshmallows. When mixture is smooth, add cake mix. Turn off stove and remove pot from heat. Add sprinkles and rice krispies. Spread onto a large cookie sheet. Top with additional sprinkles if desired for looks.

Eat uppp.


Chair Makeover

This cute chair has been "in the works" for the past 2 years. Yes, I am embarassed to say that it has taken me TWO whole years to finally finish it! I painted it this pretty green probably a year and a half a ago and it has sat in our home in a closet ever since. I purchased this chair at Goodwill for 4$ - score. ...with a little help from this cutie......it is finally finished!


Bran Muffins

If you're anything like me, you're always trying to find some way to implement "healthy" into your diet. My great friend Jacquie got me hooked on bran muffins in junior high and I've been craving them for a while - probably since I ate my health away during Christmas! These muffins do have some sugar and a little bit of butter but are also very good for you and taste amazing. The bran is loaded with fiber. Say hello to a healthier year and make these today!


In a small medium sized bowl combine..

2 1/2 c. All-Bran Cereal (original)
1 c. Buttermilk

*Warm up buttermilk for 30 seconds in the microwave and then pour over cereal. Let sit for 10 minutes
Combine, in order, in a large separate bowl the following ingredients..

2 c. (White or Wheat) Flour
1/2 c. White Sugar
1/2 c. Brown Sugar
2 tsp. Baking Soda
5 tsp. Baking Powder
1/2 tsp. Ginger
1 tsp. Molasses
2 tsp. Vanilla
2 eggs
1 c. Milk
1/4 c. Melted Butter

*Combine the bran/buttermilk mixture into the second mixture. Stir until just combined so you don't come out with tough muffins.

Oven 375• for 17 minutes or until muffin tops bounce when lightly pressed

Yummy served with butter and/or honey or jam!



Well...we had a (not so) great number of entries for our first giveaway...but none the less, we have 2 winners! We used www.randomnumbergenerator.com to determine the winners.
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