Picture on Tile

I have soooo many projects that I want to post. However, I decided that if I started this blog I would not let it take over my life. I still want to keep up on our family's blog and I also don't want to spend a ton of money. There are a lot of projects that I have already done that I will be posting, but also a lot of new ones that I am very excited about. Right now you can expect one "crafty" or "educational" blog about gardening, sewing, craft ideas, ect per week - I hope you enjoy! Don't be afraid to give me some feedback. Here is my first craft tutorial. Thanks for following!!

Picture on Tile :

What you need : Fabric, Paper, a Photo, Paper Cutter/Scissors, Ribbon, Hot Glue Gun, Tile (I used a small tile but you could use any size), a Flower, & a Stapler.

Start out by cutting your fabric and glue it down to the front of the tile. I usually only use the hot glue around the edges.

Tie your ribbon on the ends and glue them onto the back of the tile. You can choose how long you want the picture tile to hang.

Cover the ribbon and back of the tile with the left over fabric.

Staple your picture onto cardstock paper (or scrapbook paper) & cut so you have a border.

Glue stapled picture on top of your fabric.If you want to add something a little extra, add a flower. You could also use the letter of your last name - that would be cute too. I used a flower I made a few months ago that was lying in my mess of sewing things. (soon will be an upcoming tutorial on making different flowers...)That's it! Pretty dang easy! Hang and enjoy!Wrap it up - I think it makes the perfect Bridal Shower gift with the couple's engagement picture.


Amber said...

Love it! And love our coasters!! Thanks for the play date! Can't wait till next week!

nate and amy crandell said...

so so cute! what a pretty idea!

Nate and Amy Sorensen said...

Love it! What a fun idea!

Jen said...

way cute!

Scott+Tiffany said...

Love the blog, love the idea! such a perfect gift!