What I Am Eating For Breakfast...

For the past couple of months my breakfast routine has been basically the same: quick oats with 1% milk, honey, cinnamon, and flax seeds.

A few weeks ago, I moved out of my parent's home and into a house in Gilbert with roommates. Needless to say, I don't have as many baking materials as I would like anymore! I am steadily rebuilding my supply so I can keep up on the blog, and doing what I love! Slowly but surely, I will have a hefty stash like parent's established pantry... But for now, I will work with what I have.

So back to breakfast...

On my last Walmart trip, I decided to add some spice to my usual breakfast regime. In my life, food really does make me happy. That is a simple statement, but it is SO TRUE! I get excited for food, I plan and look forward to everything I get to prepare and eat, and I love sharing my foodly joy :) Adding some new breakfast variety to my days would only parallel me moving out of my house - new house, new breakfast! It only makes sense.. Obviously..

It makes me happy.

Here's the facts about my most recent breakfast. I'll tell you exactly how I have it. I love it this breakfast! A new fave and "go-to" breakfast for me for sure.

Nature's Path Organic Flax Plus Mulitbran Flakes. $3 a box at Walmart.110 calories per 3/4 cup. Tasty and filling but doesn't weigh heavy in your stomach after eating it.

Can be bought at Walmart or any health foods store. I bought mine at Sprouts. Approximately 3/4 tsp. They are rich in soluble and insoluble fiber, vitamin B and other minerals, as well as omega-3 fatty acids. Very good for you! Eat up. The cereal already has flaxseed in it, but I wanted more in my diet. Really, flax is fantastic.

Almond Milk:
I purchased one at Walmart for around $3 and had only 60 calories per cup. Almond milk is lactose and cholesterol free, and has more calcium than regular milk.

60 calories per tablespoon. I put about 1/3 T with my cereal. Agave would also be great.

Since I bought the NON vanilla almond milk because it was more expensive, I decided to invest in quality vanilla. I will use it in the future anyways. I added one drop to my bowl of cereal and it was PERFECT! There is nothing like the essence vanilla brings to a dish.

I added a few quick shakes from my bottle of ground cinnamon. The health benefits of cinnamon are also great - it has an anti clogging effect on blood and can help lower LDL levels.

On sale at Walmart for $1.94 :) Yum. Packed with nutrients and antioxidants like vitamin C.

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