Before Blogging

Before starting a family blog for my husband and I (and now mostly just the baby...) and way before this craft blog, pinterest, and any other internet "craftiness," I had a LOVE for scrapbooking. I think Justin appreciates the fact that blogging is a lot cheaper... Anyhow,I worked at a scrapbook store in high school and spent most of my nights after beauty school scrapbooking for hours. I do miss it and maybe someday I will get an incredible scrapbooking/craft room and will pick it up again...but for now its photo albums and blogging. I was just reminiscing through old scrapbooks and was missing friends that I used to scrapbook with, so I decided to do a post of our wedding "ABC" scrapbook. It is a lot of green, black, and white haha - so enjoy taking a little glimpse of my past (and maybe future) hobby.


Jamielyn@Iheartnaptime said...

I so remember scrapping with you! SO much fun! I haven't scrapped in so long, but I do love it! You're right though.. it is a very expensive hobby! You are SO good at it though! Maybe just do little brag books of your cute little guy.

nate and amy crandell said...

Oh! Best memories :) When need to start up again!