Blessings Banner

For the Thanksgiving season I decided to make a cute little "Blessings" banner to hang on our fireplace. For this fun project I used : 9 paint swatch cards, 9 silver cupcake liners, stamps, white paint, and tulle. Cost for this project = FREE! I already had everything :) i love free projects! Hope you are making some fun Fall projects!First, I cut all of the paint swatch cards - just so you couldn't see the names of the colors.I then flatened the cupcake liners and folded them in half. - taco style? hahaPut the paint swatches in the middle of the cupcake liners and fold the corners over.Punch holes in the two top corners. Then lay out your stamps and choose which ones you want where.Stamp it up!
Thread the tulle through each letter card.Tie some cute bows on the ends and that's it! I think it turned out cute!

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