"Missionary Cookies"

Hello, happy Monday!

Some of you readers know that Aubry and I (and well.. the rest of out family) have a brother serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ if Latter Day Saints at the moment in Oregon. Every time I ask him what treat he wants me to send him next, 98% of the time he says 'the brown ones with the white things in them'.

Luckily I speak baker language! Ha! That, or I speak 'Jared'.. Either way, I know what he means. What he wants are "brownie-mix-cookies- w/ white-chocolate-chips-in-them." Now you all speak Jared too! Or baker..? Or.. Anyways..

Here's the simple and delicious way to make these 'Missionary Cookies' that baby brother Jared always asks for. I warn you, this is a cheater recipe with a box of brownie mix. I try not to use box mixes so I can get a full on baking experience with lots of mixing and adding and watching a recipe transform step by step buuuut, sometimes they are just too dang easy.


1 Boxed Brownie Mix
2 Eggs
1/4 c. Oil
3/4 c. White Chocolate Chips

Oven 350•

Mix in order until all fully combines. Bake on wax paper or greased cookie sheet. Let cool on pan.

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