Oreo Inspiration

I've had Oreos on my mind a lot the last couple of days.. Weird, I know.. But I feel this need to be creative with them. So today I went to the store and bought a bunch of goods, it was so fun. I love buying raw materials for baking!

The Oreos you will see were dipped in the candy melts, not the chocolate barks. I was going to be more experimental and test each of the chocolates out to see which one I prefer but I ran out of time, and Oreos unfortunately.. Also, the pink colored ones have food coloring in them as well as raspberry flavoring. Those were yummmmy. Great flavor combination.

Just as a heads up, it's very probable that this could be my first of possibly many or a few more Oreo posts. Like I said, they've been in my brain!! The ideas don't stop at this post! No recipe on this post either, just pics. Eye candy if you will :)